Veronica Bench Seat Sofa

Item #: 2411-33-1

Contemporary form featuring a sloped shelter effect and marked by a unique chamfered base upholstered all the way to the floor. The Veronica sofa is a combination of geometric straight lines and tapering trapezoidal shapes contrasted by the radius curves joining the sloped arms to the back rail and the visual softness of our thick cushioning and back pillows. Standard with two blend-down back pillows over a ultra-down bench seat cushion with two 20-inch Lux Down throw pillows.

Dimensions: 95W x 45D x 35H in.

Arm Height: 26 in.

Seat Height: 18.5 in.

Inside Width: 82.5 in.

Inside Depth: 24.5 in.

Availability: Contact Store for Availability

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